A Human Resources Director from Acting can support you on a time sharing basis

Your Acting partner

The Acting Human Resources Director is your daily work partner for the management of your activity. He supports your Human Resources team and collaborates with this team, to realize his mission.

  • Animation and motivation, he is your co-workers help for a smooth running of the tasks.
  • Organization and implementation of the necessary tools for the good development of the actions.
  • Training of the HR team for internal take over.
  • Covering the entire, current and operating, HR piloting.
  • Management of the team and spotlighting of each member's progress track.
Our missions

The Acting consultants adapt themselves to meet the needs of your company, from a punctual mission to the overall management of your HR department.

Punctual Missions :

  • Choice of the collective labour agreement.
  • Improvement of the reliability and efficiency of the payroll departments.
  • Staff Administration.
  • Writing and follow –up of the employment contracts.
  • Conception of the scoreboard for staff and wage bill.
  • Construction of a remuneration policy consistent with the trade-specific baseline and job classification.
  • Implementation of flexible and empowering organizations.
  • Spread the start-up spirit based on speed, open-mind, agility, simplicity, sharing and ability to test.

Recurring Missions :

  • Attending the Management Board.
  • Development of the company attractivity which enables to attract the good applicants and retains the employees.
  • Detection of the future leaders.
  • Preparation of the collective negotiation about reorganizing the working time and the remuneration policy.
  • Support for quit situations.
  • Processing disciplinary procedures.
  • Responsibility for the global Human Resources Direction.
Our method

The HR Director is your privileged partner.

After having carried out an inspection of the situation, determined the goals and established a detailed brief with you, he is fully involved :

  • Your contact is in your company, several times a week or several times a month in order to support you in your development.
  • The Acting HRD are in the operational and action, once the decision taken with you, this last one is put into effect.
  • The Acting HRD is directly in contact with providers in collaboration with your company: labour inspector, recruitment agency, accountants, lawyers...
  • Use of the tools internally developed to become more efficient.

Your Acting HRD can collaborate with his Acting associates specialized into complementary fields. It's a real added value for your company.

Acting can call partners on in order to reach the set goal faster, particularly in Legal, Human Resources, Finances matters.

Continuous accompaniment

Your Acting partner is your main Human resources Director, at any time.

  • Regular Contacts with your teams to ensure sustainability and good running of the activity.
  • Coaching of your co-workers in order to help them become autonomous and training of the future manager.
  • n fast-growing companies, the end of the Acting HRD mission leads to the recruitment of a Human Resources Director with a permanent contract.